Kateřina Děkanovská

Sustainability Working Group

The Sustainability Working Group aims at increasing awareness and expertise on sustainability in the digital sector, with specific attention to electronic communication networks and services. The Working Group is committed to implementing BEREC’s sustainability strategy and mobilising national regulators’ expertise to improve transparency, measurement, and mitigation of the environmental impact of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). The Working Group notably works on promoting environmental transparency on ICT products notably through robust sustainability indicators for ECN/ECS and environmental data sharing related to digital value chains. It also encourages the development of concrete tools to support the green transition of the digital sector relying on existing regulatory framework and EU Green Deal implementation.

Kateřina Děkanovská has been a member of the International Cooperation Unit at the Czech National Regulatory Authority for electronic communications (CTU) since 2019. Her main responsibility is taking care of translations and handling the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications agenda within CTU. She is also a member of the CTU team dealing with the digital agenda. 

Before getting involved in telecommunications, Kateřina was mainly active in the field of translations, social sciences and European issues. Kateřina served in the governance body of a recognised European organisation connecting religious and social organisations. It was there that she began her activities in the field of environmental protection and her studies on climate change. Within BEREC, Kateřina actively joined the Sustainability Expert Networking Group upon its creation and later became Co-Chair of the Sustainability Working Group. 


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