Iulia Zaim-Grigore – Statistics and Indicators Working Group


Iulia Zaim-Grigore is a Senior Expert with the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications of Romania (ANCOM), with over 10 years of experience in telecom regulation, mainly focusing on the imposition of ex ante regulation in the electronic communications sector. Another line of activity has been the collection, processing and verification of various statistical data required for the smooth running of the activities within ANCOM’s remit. Iulia has been part of the BEREC family as a drafter and contributor to the work of several BEREC Working Groups since 2012 and has contributed to the BEREC Opinions in several Phase II investigations (art. 7/7a cases) as well. In the period 2018-2019, she joined the BEREC Office as a seconded National Expert. Iulia holds a degree in International Economics from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest (Romania) and an MA in International Economic Relations from the University of Konstanz (Germany).

Iulia has been appointed as Co-chair of the SaI Working Group as of this year (2021).